that's all she wrote.

I'm Destiny. I'm twenty years old, a sophomore in college, and a Kappa Delta. I drink too much coffee, I make playlists for every occasion, and I watch old movies entirely too often. I'd tell you more, but I'm still learning myself.

That’s all I have. Love for you. And even if you don’t love me, that’s all the sense any of us is ever gonna get. Love.

—Film: From Paris With Love (via hqlines)


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people asking me what kind of music i like is such a stressful experience

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It’s weird that pirates would go from shore to shore looking for buried treasure when the real treasure was in the friendships they were making

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I either eat too much or starve myself. Sleep for 14 hours or have insomniac nights. Fall in love very hard or hate passionately. I don’t know what grey is. I never did.